Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bubur Kasih Sayang

This time i want to share my porridge calls"Bubur Kasih Sayang" The idea came about yesterday evening when i have no idea for my is the ingredients:-

1. Of course you need uncooked rice without the husk.
2. Mix vegetables
3. Chicken stock cube (2 cubes)
4. Seasoning (Maggie Product)
5. White and Black pepper
6.Salt and "Ajinamoto"
7. Sausage ( or else chicken,fish.etc.)

enjoy your "bubur" ok....hehe

p/s: food poisoning is not my responsibility,All the ingredients depends on your creativity how to mix it up.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My New Puppy


Wow!!...long time no story for my blog..hehe...ok..this time i wanna tell you about my new gadget calls zoom G2.1Nu guitar effect.I purchased it on 2.o6.2010 at CK Music shop,Bukit Bintang.Actually i didn't have enough time to find something much better than this one because i worried to missed my flight flew to my wonderful place..Borneo a.k.a. Sabah..hihihi...but i'm understand that this was quite's came with cubase LE5 software for recording...but i haven't try yet even explore it..hihii...i used it for the 1st time in Kg.Kandawayon, Kudat for wedding function with my great band ..Rop's..that night the sound was so good..unfortunately...nobody sang rock song so that i couldn't shred with my new distortion but hey!...still got time bah!! time i will buy BOSS guitar effect such as GT-10 or whatever if i got money la..hihihi...ok..see you again.. :-)