Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Shadow-Kon Tiki (cover the harmonic)

This one is instrumental from The Shadow calls Kon Tiki... enjoy :)

Just for fun.. :)

The Borneo Foods

Hi everyone..this is my solo entry on a backing track and i call this 'The Borneo Foods"...hope you all like..enjoy,, :)

see ya soon :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I miss you daddy

28.12.2010....today is 28.04.2011...it's been four months without you daddy....i can say that i cried every single day...i miss you so much daddy....i miss the way we talked all things...the way you love us...care for..and everything......i might be never say "i love u daddy'.....but deep inside my heart...you knew how much i love u daddy.... :-( we have a lot of sweet memory daddy....now i found the only toy you ever bought me since my childhood...the one that i like very much...but, i never has a chance to show it to you and say... " daddy this is the toy you bought me long time ago....i like it very much..thank you so much daddy"...... :-( God love u very much daddy..He called you before us...before He come for second time..... i wished you could read this post daddy....and i knew you always with us....you were very good person....i wish i could be your son in the next chapter of my life.... i miss you very much...i love u very much.... may your soul rest in peace........God bless you dad....... :-(

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bubur Kasih Sayang

This time i want to share my porridge calls"Bubur Kasih Sayang"..lol. The idea came about yesterday evening when i have no idea for my dinner...and...here is the ingredients:-

1. Of course you need uncooked rice without the husk.
2. Mix vegetables
3. Chicken stock cube (2 cubes)
4. Seasoning (Maggie Product)
5. White and Black pepper
6.Salt and "Ajinamoto"
7. Sausage ( or else chicken,fish.etc.)

enjoy your "bubur" ok....hehe

p/s: food poisoning is not my responsibility,All the ingredients depends on your creativity how to mix it up.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My New Puppy


Wow!!...long time no story for my blog..hehe...ok..this time i wanna tell you about my new gadget calls zoom G2.1Nu guitar effect.I purchased it on 2.o6.2010 at CK Music shop,Bukit Bintang.Actually i didn't have enough time to find something much better than this one because i worried to missed my flight flew to my wonderful place..Borneo a.k.a. Sabah..hihihi...but i'm understand that this was quite good....it's came with cubase LE5 software for recording...but i haven't try yet even explore it..hihii...i used it for the 1st time in Kg.Kandawayon, Kudat for wedding function with my great band ..Rop's..that night the sound was so good..unfortunately...nobody sang rock song so that i couldn't shred with my new distortion but hey!...still got time bah!!..hihi...next time i will buy BOSS guitar effect such as GT-10 or whatever if i got money la..hihihi...ok..see you again.. :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Time Jadi Pengapit (Happy Wedding Day to Franco and Julina)

pengantin pun..ada gaya juga ba..hik3..

Opppsss!!..manja pula pengantin lelaki ni..hehe

CEO dan timbalannya..hahaha

panglima delay..hik3..
pakaian tradisi rungus..pakaian pengantin lelaki tu ada moden sikit la..hehe

Hahaha..macam orang kuat kerajaan pula gaya saya tu..hik3...ini la pengalaman saya pertama kali jadi pengapit kepada pengantin lelaki merangkap kawan baik saya..hehe...beliau menjadi raja sehari pada 06.06.2009 dan 07.06.2009.Memang senang jadi pengapit ni..tpi penat la duduk-duduk..hahahaha....memang aramai ti la pada sebelah malam...biasa la kalau majlis perkahwinan ni...tak sah kalau tiada minum sikit2..hik3...minuman???...fuh!!..tak habis minum..memang banyak....Oo..ya..nama pengantin lelaki tu ialah saudara Franco Akat dan isterinya pula ialah Julina...(lupa la bintinya..heheh)...band pengiring pada malam 07.06.2009 ialah kumpulan Rop's..group saya juga..hehe..dan pengacaranya pula ialah saudara Masangki...yang memang hebat dalam bidang pengacaraan majlis perkahwinan...hehe...kalau tak silap,saya pun ada me"nyumbang"kan lagu..hehe... haa..backdrop kat belakang pengantin tu,saya yang tolong lekat..sebab saya ja yang tinggi masa tu...cantik juga???..tidak senget juga??..huahahaha!!!...banyak lagi la cerita malam tu..tpi tak payah la cerita...nanti sampai esok pun tak habis cerita..nanti tak cukup pula page kat blog ni..hahaha... see ya next time with once upon a time in Labuan...LOL.. :-P

p/s: Thanks a million to Mr.Franco and family for inviting me to feel the joy of their wedding ceremony....your kindness and your greatest things so meaningful to me...you all always in my heart even though where i am...hopefully i could be a part of your happy family..finally,thanks god for your blessing to everything we've did...we belive that every single things we had in this life was from you...praise god...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cuti panjang

Hai..everybody...sorry..long time delayed..hehehe..
emm....sekarang ni saya bukan lagi menetap d sekitar bandar,,,saya da jadi penduduk tetap di kampung...boring juga la coz tiada internet,,ahhaha...post terbaru pun belum ada..tpi nanti la sya post cerita saya sewaktu berada di Labuan tempoh hari...tu pun kalau sya rajin p CC..hahaha...

sekarang ni sibuk berkaamatan dan main Muzik di rumah orng kahwin..hehehe..jadi,memang ada aramai ti juga la sikit2,,hahahha...ok la...jumpa lagi di post terbaru nanti...hik3....


p\s: kalau kamu perasan,juara unduk ngadau di Hongkod tu ada di sebelah saya..dalam gambar Miss Sabah tu..post lama saya..hahaha..ada juga ganbar dia dengan saya sebelum dia bergelar Unduk Ngadau Peringkat Negeri Sabah..hik3,,,