Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bubur Kasih Sayang

This time i want to share my porridge calls"Bubur Kasih Sayang" The idea came about yesterday evening when i have no idea for my is the ingredients:-

1. Of course you need uncooked rice without the husk.
2. Mix vegetables
3. Chicken stock cube (2 cubes)
4. Seasoning (Maggie Product)
5. White and Black pepper
6.Salt and "Ajinamoto"
7. Sausage ( or else chicken,fish.etc.)

enjoy your "bubur" ok....hehe

p/s: food poisoning is not my responsibility,All the ingredients depends on your creativity how to mix it up.


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...


Toyong said...

kay-mari kita masaak bubur..hehehe

nerl said...

sadap jg ka e2?

Toyong said...

nerl-sadap ba...kalau kau tarai sekali..pasti ko cari hari2..hahahaha