Saturday, February 21, 2009

How is your teeth looks like?

How many times you brush your teeth in a day?

Aha...better your all take care of your tooth properly before it's become to this new style tooth...LOL..For those people who like candy or sweets very much,from now on limit up the usage or else,you will become the next one to have this.LOL.

I intend to brush my teeth everytime after and before having stout.hahaha..

p/s: use "Morning Kiss" tooth paste for better result.. :p

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where is Kunak actually??.. :-) (common mistake)

Daily Express

Utusan Borneo

This Utusan Borneo and Daily Express head lines was issued on 14 February 2009...(Valentine's Day).As usually,every day the "News Paper Boy" will delivered our order.(News Paper).I read the head lines and could see the picture up there...well,that was common mistake....I thought there is another Kunak located in Peninsular...LOL.. :p

This post doesn't meant humiliate the's tell us that everybody can do mistake...nobody not hesitate to apologize someone...hehehe..

p/s: I used my mobile camera to take this it's not too clear.